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The next generation of data-driven diabetes care

With Tidepool, you can see device data from every brand of insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in the United States, as well as a wide variety of blood glucose meters and diabetes apps, all integrated into one platform.

We’re here to support you and ensure your success every step of the way.

To the left, a laptop displays Tidepool Uploader. In the centre, a computer displays the Population Health Dashboard. Below, a phone displays Tidepool Mobile. To the right, a laptop displays Tidepool Data Platform’s Daily view.
The insights and views you want

Tidepool provides multiple viewing options with hourly, daily, and weekly interactive charts so you can observe trends and discover patterns. See frequency of routine maintenance tasks like site changes alongside time-in-range data from CGM and meters.

Put the data to work for you

Tidepool transforms your visits with your patients into ongoing conversations. Patients can share their data and even their logged notes with you, whether they’re in for an office visit, between visits, or dialing in for a remote one.

Upload here, upload there

Upload data from your patients’ devices during office visits or invite your patients to upload from home. Tidepool integrates data from Medtronic, Tandem, Omnipod, Dexcom, Libre, and more — all to a single location from any location.

Tidepool in two minutes

Founded by both people directly impacted by diabetes and the diabetes team at UCSF, Tidepool has pursued the ambitious goal of a single platform to support all your patients’ diabetes devices, helping you easily get to their data, see it all in one place, and spend less time dealing with multiple pieces of proprietary software.

How does it work?

“It’s time well-spent teaching patients how to upload their data at home as they will continue to do so even when they return to normal in-person visits.”

Dr. Saleh Adi,
Tidepool Chief Medical Advisor

Evidence for Tidepool

Read: In STAT News how UPMC is studying the efficacy of Tidepool in 2020 as part of a Thrive Grant for Change.

Explore: A 2015 case study in open source innovation: developing the Tidepool Platform for interoperability in type 1 diabetes management.

Getting started guides

Get up and going with Tidepool in your clinic in six steps.

Supported devices

Does Tidepool support the diabetes devices used in your clinic? Would you like us to?


Don’t see your question? Contact our clinic success team today!

Does Tidepool only support patients with type 1 diabetes?
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People with any type of diabetes can use Tidepool if it works for them. We’re working hard to support all people with diabetes and while we currently provide the most comprehensive experience for diabetes patients with insulin pumps and CGMs, we do support many blood glucose meters. We’re always adding new devices. You can find our latest list of supported devices here.

Can I create an account for a patient?
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Clinicians can create accounts on behalf of people they provide care for. You can create as many as you’d like, just follow these steps to create a new account for a person with diabetes in your clinic.

We strongly encourage you to add the patient’s email address. We’ll use it to send an invitation to the person with diabetes to claim ownership of their free Tidepool account, enabling them to upload their device data from home.

If one of your patients already has a Tidepool account, they may share their data with you by clicking “Share” and entering the email address of your clinician account.

Can a patient’s account be shared with my clinic?
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Yes. If you create the a patient’s account in clinic, the account is shared with your clinic by default. When patients create their own accounts, they can click “Share” in Tidepool Web and enter the email address associated with your clinic’s Tidepool account. Your clinic will then be able to see their data within your clinic account.

What does Tidepool do with patient and clinic data?
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Tidepool’s core tenet is that people with diabetes own their data. We’ll never do anything with their data without their explicit consent.

When you register and use Tidepool applications in a Clinician Account, we collect information you provide us, such as name, email address, your clinic or institution name, phone number, address, your role within your organization and IP address. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What do I need to use Tidepool?
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To use Tidepool Web, you must use the Google Chrome web browser. We suggest you update your Google Chrome web browser quarterly, though this is not required.

To upload device data in clinic, you must also be able to download and install the Tidepool Uploader, which allows Tidepool to read from diabetes devices plugged into your clinic’s computer.

Does Tidepool provide Business Associate Agreements (BAA) for clinics interested in using Tidepool?
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Tidepool provides a standard Software Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement for participating clinics and health systems that wish to use Tidepool’s Base Platform at no cost. Please fill out our Business Associate Agreement and return it to to get the Agreement countersigned.

Redlines to either document will be entertained as part of a Tidepool+ Essential or Tidepool+ Professional contract. Please see or contact for additional details about these Tidepool+ offerings.

Want us to fill out your clinic's I/T security assessment?
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Feel free to send it, however we can't promise you that we'll get to it any time soon. It just doesn't scale for Tidepool to do custom security I/T assessments - it takes us away from continuing to improve our software for the diabetes community. We've passed all prior assessment and have consolidated our information in this public resource detailing our Security, Privacy, and Regulatory Technical Documentation.

Want Tidepool to execute a custom service level or other enterprise agreement?
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Feel free to send it to, however we can't promise that we'll get to it any time soon. Tidepool is nonprofit organization that creates tools for the larger diabetes community. Reviewing your custom agreement takes us away from continuing to improve our software. You are free to use our software, as hundreds of other clinics do, using our standard Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Get started with Tidepool

Upload data from your patients’ pumps, meters, and CGMs during their office visits, or invite your patients to upload from home. If you have any questions or would like a one-on-one tutorial from a Tidepool team member, please get in touch with our clinic success team.