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Welcome to integrated care.

Enabling population level interventions to help improve value based outcomes

Simplified, streamlined, and secure.

Tidepool+ is designed to remove barriers to connecting with your patients by enabling access to your patients data with fewer clicks.

EHR integration

Tidepool supports EHR integration tailored to accommodate your health system’s specific workflow requirements.

Enhanced security controls

Single Sign-On support provides improved access control to patient data, tailored to your IT security policies.

Population health management

Enabling population level interventions to improve value based outcomes

Patient tagging

Identify, track, and monitor specific patient groups for in-clinic, virtual care or ongoing remote patient monitoring.

Upload reminders

Engage with patients who have not recently uploaded their device data via the Population Health Dashboard, ensuring availability of data to review during in person or virtual appointments.

Value-based care

Identifying those at-risk with filter views enabling proactive care.

To the left, a laptop displays Tidepool Uploader. In the centre, a computer displays the Population Health Dashboard. Below, a phone displays Tidepool Mobile. To the right, a laptop displays Tidepool Data Platform’s Daily view.

Tidepool for telemedicine

Tidepool+ helps you and your patients prepare for a more seamless telemedicine visit:

  • Streamline your workflow with support for multiple devices allowing you to spend more time with your patients.

  • Simple and intuitive way for your patients to upload their diabetes device data for you to access ahead of time.