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To the left, a computer displays Tidepool Data Platform’s Daily view. Below, a phone displays Tidepool Mobile. To the right, a laptop displays Tidepool Uploader.

How it works

To use Tidepool simply follow these three steps.
(Get started with each below.)

Sign up and explore our web app
Install our uploader tool
Download our mobile notes app (optional)

The Tidepool platform at a glance

Tidepool Data Platform

The Tidepool Data Platform is an interactive web app for visualizing diabetes device data from multiple devices all in one place.

Tidepool Uploader

Tidepool Uploader is a universal uploader app that allows you to retrieve data from over 85 supported devices, including every brand of insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) on the US market and a wide variety of blood glucose meters and diabetes apps.

Tidepool Mobile

A notes app - and companion to Tidepool Data Platform - for iOS and Android that allows you to add context to your diabetes data when you’re on the go.

Tidepool Data Platform

The Tidepool Data Platform is where all your diabetes data comes together in an easy-to-understand and accessible dashboard in your Google Chrome browser.

View your hourly, daily, and weekly patterns, discover trends, and add notes to your diabetes management. Interact with graphs, gain insights, and have more productive conversations with your care team about opportunities to adjust your therapy.

The Tidepool Data Platform makes it easy to share access with your endocrinologist, diabetes educator, family doctor, or your family care team and control how they interact with it. It’s your data; you get to choose.

Basics view

A summary of your diabetes device interaction over the past three weeks, including info on insulin boluses and maintenance tasks like site changes.

Daily view

A day’s worth of data from your glucose meter, CGM, insulin pump, and notes from your Tidepool Mobile app in one place.

Trends view

A 1-week, 2-week, or 4-week view of your glucose trends from a meter or CGM alongside insights about averages and time spent in your target glucose range.

Tidepool Uploader

Upload data from every brand of insulin pump and CGM available in the United States, as well as a variety of popular blood glucose meters. Tidepool Uploader is available for Mac or Windows, allowing you to upload from home or in clinic.

Want to see your Medtronic, Omnipod, or Tandem pump data next to your Dexcom, Guardian, or FreeStyle Libre data? We can make that happen. Once you've uploaded your data, you're all set to view it on the Tidepool Data Platform or in Tidepool Mobile.

Supported devices

Upload data from over 85 diabetes devices and apps.

Getting started with Uploader

A quick reference guide for getting started with and using Tidepool Uploader, whether you upload from home or in the clinic.

A person with fair skin plugs in a USB cable to their laptop.
Device specific walkthroughs

Help for uploading from each type of device, from which cable you need to how to connect it to your computer

A phone displays Tidepool Mobile.

Tidepool Mobile

Tidepool Mobile is an iPhone and Android companion app to the Tidepool Data Platform that lets you add notes about meals, exercise, or other data you want to track. See your insulin pump, CGM, and blood glucose meter data alongside your notes. Stressful day? Hit the gym? Different things affect your blood sugar in different ways. Tidepool Mobile helps you keep track and learn from what happens.

With Tidepool Mobile on iOS, you can also connect to Apple Health for continuous, automatic syncing of your Dexcom mobile app and other health data.

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Create notes

Adding context to your diabetes data is as quick as adding a hashtag.

View your data

With each note you create, see a snapshot of your data that surrounds it.

Upload health data

Pull in info from your other health apps for a complete picture of your diabetes management.

The Tidepool Big Data Donation Project

Make an impact on the future of diabetes research with the Tidepool Big Data Donation Project. When you opt in to donate your anonymized data, you’re helping researchers, device makers, and creators advance discovery and innovation. You can opt out at any time. Join over 10,000 Tidepool users who have said, “Yes, I’m in.”

Get started with Tidepool

Ready to start using Tidepool? Have some questions or concerns? We’re here to help.