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Your diabetes data - all in one place

With Tidepool, you can see data from your insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and blood glucose meter, all in one place. Track the diabetes details you care about tracking, whether it’s your meals, exercise, or other daily events, so you can make better health decisions.

To the left, a laptop displays Tidepool Uploader. In the centre, a computer displays the Population Health Dashboard. Below, a phone displays Tidepool Mobile. To the right, a laptop displays Tidepool Data Platform’s Daily view.

With Tidepool you can...

See from a new perspective

Tidepool shows you your data in hourly, daily, and weekly interactive graphs so you can discover trends and patterns. See information about your glucose after a pump site change or how frequently you’re taking care of routine maintenance tasks.

Share with anyone you choose

Tidepool transforms your visits with your healthcare team into ongoing conversations. You can invite others to view your data and also share your notes with them, whether you’re in for an office visit, between visits, or dialing in for a remote one

Add notes and context

Diabetes is not just numbers — life happens, too. Create a digital diabetes diary by adding notes to your data. Context makes your data more meaningful for you. Log the data you want to keep track of.

Tidepool in two minutes

Developed for people with diabetes by people directly impacted by diabetes, Tidepool is all about giving you new ways to put your diabetes data to work for you, helping you easily get to your data, connect it all in one place, and feel empowered to make changes.

How does it work?

Tidepool for telemedicine

Have you had a virtual visit with your healthcare provider? Tidepool is your ideal solution. We make it easy to upload your device data from home before you log on for your appointment so you and your health team can focus on what matters.

Our telemedicine resource hub has everything you need for a successful remote visit.

Getting started guides

Get help getting started in five easy steps, in both English and in Spanish.

A person with fair skin views Tidepool Data Platform’s Basics view on their laptop.
Connect to your healthcare team

If you are using Tidepool to upload and view your data and you'd like to encourage your provider to start using Tidepool, seamlessly cut and paste this email prompt and send it to them.

Supported devices

Does Tidepool support your current diabetes devices? Would you like us to?

Get started with Tidepool

Ready to start using Tidepool? Have some questions or concerns? We’re here to help.