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Tidepool for telemedicine

We at Tidepool recognize that many people with diabetes and their caregivers are being shifted from in-person visits to virtual appointments.

“During this time when our lives have been disrupted by a global pandemic, I keep coming back to our capacity to help one another as a diabetes community. I want to share what Tidepool is doing to help with great software and resources to connect healthcare”, Howard Look, Tidepool CEO.

How Tidepool can help prepare you for your telemedicine visits

  • Connect your devices and all your diabetes data so that you can use it to see what’s working and share those insights with your healthcare providers, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Visualize your time spent in target range, frequency of insulin pump maintenance tasks, and general blood glucose and insulin dosing trends to help you prepare questions in advance of your visit.

  • Access robust support resources to help you get started, or to help your clinician see your data. Our support team is there to help users get to the data they need faster.

Telemedicine Resources

Resources for you
Materials to share with your healthcare team
Additional community information

Resources for you to prepare for your next telemedicine visit

We know it is a big shift to move from in-person appointments to telemedicine visits so we’ve put some specific resources together to help make your virtual visits with your healthcare team as valuable as your in-person appointments.

Getting started guide

Get up and running with Tidepool in just five steps plus tips on preparing for your visit.

Tidepool Uploader guide

A quick reference guide to getting started and using Tidepool Uploader.

Guías de usuario

Empezar con Tidepool con estas guías de usuario para Tidepool y el cargador Tidepool Uploader.

Support articles

Use our online resources to get the most out of Tidepool.


Register to attend webinars focused on Tidepool for telemedicine, demos on our products, keys to effective visits, Q&As and more.

Our experience with telemedicine

A first hand account of one family's experience connecting with their daughter’s endocrinologist in a virtual visit using Tidepool.

1. Upload your data 24 hours before your telemedicine visit. 2. Review your data and take notes about what you want to discuss with your healthcare provider. 3. Prepare all of your questions ahead of time. 4. Get comfortable with the technology. Test your system the day before your visit to make sure everything is working. 5. Clarify next steps. At the end of your visit, ask your clinic about any follow up actions you should take.

Prepare for your next telemedicine appointment with Tidepool

Resources for you to share with your healthcare team

Many clinics are routinely utilizing Tidepool for reviewing and analyzing patient data but some may be less familiar with it. To help new clinicians get up and running we have a few resources you can share with them, they’ll love to hear from you!

Telemedicine page for healthcare professionals

We have a central hub for healthcare professionals that provides the Tidepool resources they need to get started as well as other industry resources.

Clinician getting started guide

Share our getting started guide for clinicians with your healthcare team prior to your appointment, they can be up and running in just seven steps for their entire clinic.

Pre-drafted emails from patients to clinics

If you are using Tidepool to upload and view your data and you'd like to encourage your provider to start using Tidepool seamlessly cut and paste this email prompt and send it to them.

“This Tidepool for telemedicine site is quite handy, especially with more than a dozen different diabetes devices able to be connected to Tidepool’s platform, allowing patients and clinicians to see all of that information in one place.”

Mike Hoskins, diaTribe

Big little changes

We have joined organizations across the world in a simple goal: tap in to the power of the global diabetes community to save lives. Together, we can lead the way in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about the big little changes you can make to save lives at provided by The JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance.

Help keep our diabetes community safe until we are all safe.

As people touched by diabetes in our own lives, we want you to know that we are here for you. Our team is online and ready to support you with flexible tools for enabling telemedicine between you and your healthcare team.

Please reach out and let us know if there are other ways we can help.