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How we work

Tidepool is an open source platform because we want to catalyze innovation.

Operating with openness and transparency is central to our values. We make our code, designs, and regulatory quality system openly available and release all of our software under a permissive open source license (like BSD2 or MIT) for anyone in the community to freely modify, build upon, and extend.

Working in the open brings us together. We collaborate with device manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and many other committed, innovative individuals to help put our software and donated data to good use.

Take a deep dive through our open work

Open source code

GitHub allows our team of engineers around the world to collaborate, in the open, on each line of code that powers Tidepool. Every new feature, revision, iteration, and bug fix is tracked and documented for anyone to inspect.

See all of our code on our GitHub repository

Open source design files

All of our design files are freely available so you can see every component that makes up the Tidepool visual experience.

See all of our User Interface Designs

Tidepool's regulatory quality system

Tidepool’s regulatory quality system is made publicly available as a reference to help other organizations, projects, and individuals who may wish to build and deliver regulated medical software. We received a tremendous amount of help preparing these documents from our regulatory consultant, Sheila Ramerman of SJR Associates.

Product and project management

Tidepool uses Atlassian, leveraging Jira for task management and Confluence for internal documentation and knowledge sharing.

Previously, we used Trello as our task management tool. You can review tasks completed prior to our transition to Jira there.