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We have three main aims for this work: (1) Use wavelet and wavelet coherence transformations to characterize URs, CRs and ORs in the glucose of healthy controls, and in the glucose and insulin of individuals with T1D, (2) evaluate if stably rhythmic timing of glucose is associated with greater time spent in healthy glucose range, lower A1c, and fewer hyper- and hypo-glycemic events in all groups, and (3) evaluate if modulation of insulin delivery based on time of day or time of ovulatory cycle will lead to greater synchronicity of glucose/insulin and greater time spent in range in in-silico simulations of glucose and insulin interactions.University of California, Berkeley is a recipient of JDRF's research grant — Identification of Areas of Artificial Pancreas Algorithm Enhancements Through Big-Data Analysis — supported by Tidepool Big Data Donation Project.