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Stay in the Tidepool loop with product announcements, updates on our FDA submission of Tidepool Loop 1.0 and more from the Tidepool team.

April 22, 2024
On becoming a self-sustaining nonprofit organization
Clinics and Health Systems using Tidepool with more than 250 patients in their Clinic Account Workspace are encouraged to explore the opportunities included with Tidepool+ Professional, our premium offering with a growing list of expanded features and functionality.
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March 18, 2024
The twiist™ AID system powered by Tidepool receives 510(k) clearance
Every day at Tidepool, we move closer to achieving our goal of interoperability and patient choice, actively leading efforts to enhance device integration and functionality. Today, we are excited to announce a new milestone in our interoperability journey - a new partnership with Sequel Med Tech, LLC. 
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November 5, 2021
The Tidepool Period Project "Why"
In response to our recent announcement of financial support for the Tidepool Period Project from AWS, we want to expand a bit on the Tidepool Period Project. We hope you’ll join us in imagining the possibility of what we can accomplish through it.
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July 26, 2021
New for Tidepool Uploader: Support for ReliOn and Glucocard meters!
Tidepool Uploader now supports uploading diabetes device data from ReliOn and Glucocard blood glucose meters.
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June 1, 2021
Tandem's Control-IQ™️ technology and Tidepool — Officially supported
Tidepool fully supports uploading and viewing data from Tandem's t:slim X2 insulin pump with Control-IQ technology.
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January 11, 2021
99 years closer: About our FDA submission of Tidepool Loop
We are proud to share our completion of our FDA submission of Tidepool Loop, an automated insulin dosing app intended for the management of type 1 diabetes.
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September 29, 2020
Tidepool Loop human factors update
We last updated you in February about the internal development work on Tidepool Loop, our automated insulin delivery project based on a DIY community innovation. These last seven months have seen remarkable progress. Let’s walk through some of what we’ve accomplished.
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June 3, 2020
Black Lives Matter
We stand in solidarity with the advocates on the front lines fighting for a better tomorrow, and in support of the countless organizations assisting to advance the fact that black lives matter.
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April 3, 2020
Tandem Control-IQ™️ technology and Tidepool — Where we are today
Let's talk about Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim X2 with Control-IQ™, and how we're working to offer you support for this technology.
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March 31, 2020
Letter from Howard on telemedicine
A letter from Howard Look, Tidepool President and CEO about Tidepool's support for telemedicine and remote care.
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March 18, 2020
How Tidepool makes remote work work — Culture and wellness
Tidepool puts a big focus on culture and employee wellness as part of our work to support an entirely remote and distributed team.
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March 16, 2020
How Tidepool makes remote work work — Tools and technology
A thorough look at the tools and technology that support Tidepool's fully remote and distributed team.
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February 6, 2020
Celebrating 10,000 donations to the Tidepool Big Data Donation Project
With excitement and gratitude, we are pleased to announce that over 10,000 anonymous diabetes datasets have been donated through the Tidepool Big Data Donation Project.
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June 7, 2019
Medtronic collaborates on Tidepool Loop
Medtronic joins the team of innovators working with Tidepool to develop and deliver Tidepool Loop.
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June 7, 2019
It’s official: Tidepool and Dexcom partner for Tidepool Loop
Tidepool has officially partnered with Dexcom to integrate their G6 interoperable continuous glucose monitoring system (iCGM) into the Tidepool Loop ecosystem.
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March 13, 2019
Update: View Tidepool data in Apple Health
We’ve given Tidepool Mobile a significant update — start uploading insulin, carb and blood glucose data from Apple Health.
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February 15, 2019
What the FDA's new ACE Pump indication means for people with diabetes, Tidepool, and Tidepool Loop
The diabetes community has celebrated a tremendous step forward. Here’s what the FDA's new ACE Pump indication means for people with diabetes, Tidepool, and Tidepool Loop.
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December 13, 2018
Tidepool Loop update: Funding and team building
The Helmsley Charitable Trust and JDRF announced that they are supporting us in delivering Tidepool Loop.
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October 9, 2018
Announcing Tidepool Loop
Tidepool is currently developing Tidepool Loop, the DIY, open source automated insulin delivery app for iPhone. Our goal is to deliver an officially supported, FDA-regulated product, broadly available via the iOS App Store.
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August 8, 2018
Tidepool supports Medtronic MiniMed 600 series
We're proud to offer more ways for you to upload, visualize, and donate your diabetes data from Medtronic MiniMed 630G, 640G and 670G insulin pumps.
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February 20, 2018
FDA Pre-Cert Pilot Program — Part 4
Tidepool had the pleasure of participating in the FDA precertification pilot program. Here’s what happened at the public input workshop.
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February 6, 2018
Tidepool, Eli Lilly, and the Big Picture
Tidepool’s has partnered with Eli Lilly and the Lilly Cambridge Innovation Center. Read about why we’re working together and our FAQ.
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January 15, 2018
FDA Pre-Cert Pilot Program — Part 2
The FDA is revolutionizing how digital health products get to market. Here’s what we talked about in our most recent meeting with the FDA.
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October 19, 2017
FDA Pre-Cert Pilot Program — Part 1
Tidepool is thrilled to join the FDA's Digital Health Software Pre-cert Pilot program. If there's one thing successful startups will tell you, it's...
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September 14, 2016
Tidepool's take on Glooko and Diasend
Glooko and Diasend announced they are merging — creating a new company and the largest diabetes data platform and app provider. Here’s what we think.
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August 4, 2015
Dive In! Animas + Tidepool
Animas has joined Dexcom, Insulet, Tandem, and Abbott in making data from their devices available through the Tidepool Platform.
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April 27, 2015
Tidepool Platform expansion and matching grant
The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has awarded a grant to support continued development of the Tidepool Uploader and Platform.
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November 25, 2014
Tandem + Tidepool: Lighting the Way
Tandem's Director of Marketing, Jim Berkebile, sheds some light on the importance of this partnership and talks about his own diabetes story.
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October 2, 2014
Creating Tidepool Uploader
Tidepool is in a partnership with JDRF to produce a "Tidepool Uploader" for diabetes devices.
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September 16, 2014
Insulet and Tidepool
Raul Oliva, Director of Marketing for Insulet, talks about how Tidepool is supporting Omnipod devices.
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August 22, 2014
Liberate the Data! Tidepool's docket comments on FDA MDDS Draft Guidance
The FDA released Draft Guidance that would update the way they enforce Medical Data Display Systems (MDDS). Tidepool’s helping them.
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August 6, 2014
It's Official: Dexcom + Tidepool!
Dexcom is the second device maker to say: You own your data, and should be able to use the app that’s right for you to help manage your diabetes.
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July 1, 2014
Proudly Non-Profit: Tidepool is now an official 501c3 Charity!
Tidepool is now an official 501c3 nonprofit organization! Being nonprofit is key to our mission of helping to reduce the burden for people with type 1 diabetes.
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June 6, 2014
Blip Pilot Study at UCSF has begun!
Blip (Tidepool Web) is our first app, and UCSF is recruiting pediatric and adult patients to test it in real-life clinical and home settings.
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December 19, 2013
Tidepool License update
We’re establishing an open data platform and great applications to help reduce the burden of diabetes. Take a look at our proposed Tidepool License.
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July 31, 2013
Welcome to Tidepool Kent Quirk & Ben West
Please welcome our new VP of Engineering, Kent, and new developer, Ben, who has been getting data out of diabetes devices in real time.
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June 14, 2013
Tidepool makes its debut in DiabetesMine
Amy Tendrich, DiabetesMine’s editor-in-chief, meets the team committed to liberating diabetes data and gets the inside story.
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